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Emei Qigong is a comprehensive system of Chan (Zen) Qigong that generates vital energy and leads to the attainment of ever higher levels of awareness. The study and practice of Emei Qigong promotes strong physical health, emotional balance and spiritual development. Read More>> 

Announcement: Grandmaster Fu Wei Zhong is accepting appointments for distance healings. To request a distance healing, please download this form, fill it out, and email it according to the instructions on the form.

 Distance Healing Form

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"Happiness is not determined by wealth, but by the attitude towards possession."
--Grandmaster Fu Wei Zhong

05/02/2015 - 05/04/2015 | 09:00
Emei Qigong Level 1 - Teacher: Patricia Bolger
07/24/2015 - 07/29/2015 | 09:00
Emei Qigong Level 2 - Teacher: Patricia Bolger
07/31/2015 - 08/02/2015 | 09:00
Emei Qigong Level 1 - Teacher: Brenda Lee
10/03/2015 - 10/10/2015 | 09:30
Emei Qigong Level 1 - Teacher: Catherine Burns
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