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when: 07/16/2012 - 07/25/2012 | 09.00 h - 17.00 h  
Event title Emei Qigong Level 3 - Teacher: Grandmaster Fu
Where: Crichton Cultural Comm Centre: New Edinburgh House - Ottawa, Ontario
Category: Emei Qigong Level III - 10-day seminar
Event description:

Emei Qigong Level III - 10 days Workshop

Yi Jing and Heart Energy Distinctive Healing Methods

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Emei Qigong Levels I and II Seminars

Contact: Gordon Keir (613) 482-2552,

Course Fee: $2,400  

Deposit: $400 required upon registration. Full payment before class starts.

Yi Jing Heart Energy Distinctive Healing Method

The Yi Jing (I Ching) Heart Energy Distinctive Healing method will dramatically expand your knowledge for self-healing and healing others. You will learn methods to determine the root cause of an illness—moving beyond the symptoms of its physiological source to its psychological source—and to discover when the original seed was planted. Students are taught how to see into the past, to know when in the past the harmful seed was planted. Grandmaster Fu teaches a practical approach to remove the root cause, thereby restoring true health. The class covers more than 100 medical conditions. Those working in the healing arts will find that the information profoundly expands one’s understanding of the causes of illness and one’s repertoire of tools to transform it. But whether or not you work in the health field, the information and practices covered in Level 3 provide a priceless deepening of your personal practice and understanding of how to regard and resolve health problems. Level 3 also includes advance Meta-Acupuncture healing as well as a half-day review of Level 2 material.
Venue Crichton Cultural Comm Centre: New Edinburgh House
Homepage: No Homepage available  
Street: 255 MacKay Street
ZIP: K1M 2B6
City Ottawa, Ontario
Country: CA Show Location map
Location description:
Phone (613) 745-2742

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