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when: 07/01/2012 - 07/04/2012 | 09.00 h - 17.00 h  
Event title Beginning Astrology - Teacher: Grandmaster Fu
Where: Pacific Beach Professional Building - San Diego, CA
Category: Beginning Astrology - 4 Day Seminar
Event description:

Beginning Astrology - 4 day Workshop

 Contact: Celia Tom - (858) 356-9434   

Expand your understanding of the five elements and four pillars as they relate to different aspects of a person’s life. Apply this knowledge to assist clients, friends and family—and yourself! In this four-day seminar, you’ll learn to use gour pillars charts to:

  • analyze someone’s inborn nature
  • determine when the best times for making money are for a person and when that person is in greatest danger of losing it
  • read the energetic influences that determine whether two individuals are compatible and will get along—or not
  • assess the relative strength and weakness of the organs, and learn which diseases a person will be most susceptible to and how to protect against them
  • analyze career choices and opportunities, learn when and where to advance professionally and what to avoid
  • learn which years are lucky and which ones are unlucky.

Cost: $600

Open to all students who have completed Levels 1 and 2. 

Venue Pacific Beach Professional Building
Street: 1919 Grand Ave, Suite 2-J
ZIP: 92109
City San Diego, CA
Country: CA Show Location map
Location description:
Located in Pacific Beach, South-East corner of Grand and Lamont.  sufficient street parking

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