Explore the healing arts of Emei Qigong

Emei Qigong is a school of Chan (Zen) Qigong that promotes good health, emotional balance, and spiritual awareness through practices that strengthen the body’s vital energy. Its methods have been evolving for centuries, practiced for more than 750 years by the monks of the Golden Temple on the summit of Emei Mountain in the Sichuan province of China. Its wisdom grew stronger and richer as it was passed down in an unbroken succession through the generations. In the mid-20th century, the treasures of the school began to be shared with the general public. In 1995, Grandmaster Fu Wei Zhong, the 13th head of the school, came to the United States to plant its seed of healing here. 

It is an unusually pure and powerful tradition that offers a full complement of techniques for healing others and healing oneself. It is a complete and comprehensive system with simple, effective practices for beginning students and a graduated series of trainings that allow dedicated students to deepen their healing ability and advance spiritually.

All students are equally welcome!

Grandmaster Fu Wei Zhong’s schedule

Grandmaster Fu is currently based in Beijing and focusing on training his Chinese disciples. 

Sign up for a class or seminar

Master Pat Bolger will be teaching the Level 1, 2, and 3 seminars this spring and summer in Connecticut. Follow the links below to learn more. If you're not able to attend these seminars, please visit the Teachers page of this website and reach out directly to a teacher near you. 

Attend a group practice

Joining a group practice is an excellent way to learn Wuji Gong, the fundamental form of Emei Qigong, and to keep your practice on track. Some students only practice when the group meets. Others use group practice as a way of keeping themselves motivated, as part of a more frequent practice. In any event, group practices are a wonderful opportunity to feel and build the group energy field. Because the energy field the group creates is stronger than a single persons field, the healing that occurs during group practice is stronger than when you practice by yourself. 

Season dates—Changing the Moving Program of Life

Students who are practicing the Level 2 meditation can check the beginning dates of each season here.